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Thank you for inviting me along to your meeting and for the opportunity to discuss the benefits of virtual tours for your business.

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What is a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a series of panoramic images like the one displayed here. This image is created from a number of photographs that are stitched together to make one image. Using our software, the final image is then displayed as a “photo sphere”, in which the viewer is completely immersed. These photo spheres are then interconnected to make a tour.

Click here to view this image in a virtual tour.

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Who Cares?

You might be forgiven for thinking that virtual tours are simply the next gimmick - another way of getting you to pay for yet another marketing tool.

However, these tours are not just the next level of imagery for your website. They are powerfully designed interactive tools that are perfectly aligned to the way in which we now navigate through the Internet.

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Meet the Millennials

This is the generation that has never known the world without the Internet. Landline and Payphones are something their grandparents used to use to keep in touch. This generation is always connected. With a swipe of the finger, they shop, find a date, and more importantly, they book their travel.

There are now over 13 million people who were born between 1985 and 2001 (The Millennial Generation). They are your growth market, and they love virtual tours.

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Here to Stay

A good indicator of how established a technology has become, is to look at the companies that are investing into it. Here are some of the big names that have made huge investments into their Virtual Reality platforms.

These companies recognise the importance of VR, not just in gaming, but also as a marketing tool.

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Already moving on!

This is what the Apple headset might look like when it enters the market next year. Apple haven’t been slow, they’ve been working on the next level - Augmented Reality (AR). These will include a “see-through” screen that will allow you to view the real world whilst receiving information from various sources.

Whilst walking through a shopping centre, wearing your funky Apple headset, you will be sent messages from the stores as you pass them - “hey, we’ve got a special offer on at the moment in our summer fashion line, and we’ve got everything in your size!!” These will appear in front of your eyes.

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VR Accommodation

Virtual tours are an innovative trend that is expanding to many new businesses. What started out as a way to promote museums, universities, and the property market, virtual tours now comprise a vital piece of the sales puzzle, as they are highly accountable for a significant amount of conversion rates. And now with so many platforms to “showcase all the details that your customers love”, these easily convincing them to book a holiday with you.

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Does it really work?

Some of the world’s major hotel chains have commissioned studies into the effectiveness of virtual tours. In all cases, they have found a significant increase in bookings for hotels that featured virtual tours on their websites

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Virtually here to stay

If you haven’t considered using virtual tours already to promote your business, then it’s likely that you will soon. The major hotel chains have already embraced this technology. Soon it will become the norm, and businesses in this sector will be expected to have virtual tours, much as they are expected to have a website.

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Check it out!

A couple of projects we’ve been working on recently that might be of interest. Please click on the links below to view the virtual tours we’ve created:

Flamingo Land

Caban Tawel

Why Use 36 Zero VR Ltd for your Virtual Tours?

We specialise in the production of immersive and highly interactive tours that are much more than a mere extension of Google Street View. All our tours are designed to encourage engagement from your viewers, whether that is to make contact, or to make a booking/reservation. We believe that our service is an essential addition to your website – more that two thirds of web users have want to see more business with virtual tours on their website – however, they need to be more than just a gimmick. They need to reflect your digital profile and be created in a way that meets a business objective or multiple objectives.

All our tours are shot in 8K resolution, using the Insta360 Pro camera. Most other cameras will shoot 4-6K. This ensures that your locations are captured beautifully in as much detail as possible. While we recognise that technology will move on, it is important that you get the highest resolution available to maximise the longevity of your imagery.

We incorporate your branding into the look and feel of the tour. Not only will we include your logo as an overlay, we will design the navigation and additional content to reflect your website and other social media profiles.

Fully optimised to be viewed on any device. Our tours are designed to be viewed on all devices, whether that’s on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. We can also render them to be viewed on all VR headsets.

Multi-media hot spots and pop-ups. We can include all media types from audio, still imagery, and video, to enrich the viewers experience. You can have floor plans that will create even more depth to the experience.

Bespoke navigation. The tours can include icons that are designed specifically for your business. The navigation menus can be designed to reflect the navigation of your website.

Fully integrated to your digital profile. Your virtual tour will have links to specific pages on your website or social media pages. You can direct your viewer to a booking page or reservation page, to a contact us page, to specific content of your page such as rates or menus. We can encourage viewers to “Like” or “Follow” you.

Pricing for 36 Zero VR – Virtual Tours


1 day shoot (including 4 days post production) = £1200+VAT

A full day shoot will cover a medium to large hotel with additional facilities such as gym, spa, restaurants, bars etc. A standard 18-hole golf course is a full day shoot, as is a holiday park or caravan site. A full day shoot will allow for up to 100 photo spheres. One photo sphere will be suitable for a room with dimensions of up to 5m x 5m. A standard hotel room with en-suite will require 2/3 photo spheres.

½ day shoot up to 4 hours (including 2 ½ days post production) = £650+VAT

A half day shoot will cover a small hotel or B&B, restaurant, bar, night club and a small 9-hole golf course. Commercial property such as office space and warehouse space can be covered in a ½ day shoot. Typically, you can get 50 photo spheres into a ½ day shoot.

Hosting & Rendering:

  • 36 Zero VR Hosting = £5+VAT per month for every 250Mb required. 250Mb will generally cover 100 photo spheres.

  • Tours can be rendered and sent via USB at £75+VAT per tour. This allows the client to host and embed the tour on their own server. A photo shoot can be produced as a single tour or multiple tours depending on how the tours will be used.

Google Street View:

In addition to the professionally designed, interactive tours, that we produce, we can upload a number of your images onto the Google Street View platform. You can then benefit from any SEO enhancements that this will generate for your website. This is done free of charge.

Current Offer

Wedding Venues Package:

Up to 6 tours for ceremony room/s, reception facilities, outdoor facilities, accommodation, bridal facilities, photo opportunities, etc. All tours are hosted or rendered according to client preferences. This package also includes a feature page on

All inclusive £600+VAT and £10+VAT per month

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